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Where to play slots – top casino’s offering Tomb Raider Slot

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About Tomb Raider Slot – Where to play slots

The Tomb Raider games have been in existence for an incredibly long time, and this of course is down to how fun they are to play. Sadly, with the Tomb Raider Slot Machine you won’t be looking at Lara Croft’s sexy behind, but you still will be bracing yourself up for intense amounts of fun.
It is no surprise that the Tomb Raider Slot Machine has become a fan favourite based on its tie-in to the incredibly popular video game series, although to be honest, this game is fantastic enough to stand on its own right. It has five reels and fifteen different play lines, so the odds are certainly stacked in your favour when you sink your teeth into this game.
The benefits of this game are huge, with a seventy five coin max bet per spin (a huge amount compared to other slot machines), a wild symbol, and a scatter symbol. Of course, in true slot machine fashion you also have a bonus round, triggered by obtaining 3 or more idols. Don’t forget about your free spin feature as well!
Trigger the bonus round and you will be thrown straight into a game where you make substantial amounts of money. All you need to do is to choose the right idols to determine the bonus you win. Of course, you won’t be making millions here, but the money you can win is more than worth playing the game for.
Why not play the Tomb Raider Slot Machine today? There is a massive chance that you could be earning substantial amounts of cash, whilst at the same time having a huge amount of fun. What’s not like about this? The game is perfect for a beginner, as well as the slightly more experienced player.

Tomb Raider Slot Features – Where to play slots

Bonus Round
Free Spins
Video Slots
Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
Mobile Gaming
5 Reels
15 Lines

So, now you know where to play slots like Tomb Raider Slot and, you can grab an awesome sign up bonus too!