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Where to play slots – top casino’s offering Cops and Robbers Slot

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About Cops and Robbers Slot – Where to play slots

We have all played Cops & Robbers as a child right? You probably remember it. However, if you didn’t end up mugging your little brother there was no real profit in the game. However, now with the Cops & Robbers Fruit Machine you can experience high levels of fun, and get some money at the end. Really, what isn’t great about that?
This is a 5 reel, 9 pay line slot machine which means the rules are incredibly easy to pick up, and this makes it perfect for a beginner. However, it is still epic enough to be great for someone that is a bit more experienced in slot machines at the same time.
At the start of the game you are going to need use your coin value, the more you stake, the higher the pay-out should you win. However, stake as little as you want, slot machines are all about fun aren’t they? Don’t forget to stake how many coins you want to put on the spin as well1 You can choose up to 5.
If you get a winning line then you are in the money. You can either choose to collect your winnings, or you can gamble the amount of money, as a result, you could earn a substantial amount of money. What would you spend it on? Of course, there are also a number of features in the game that you can take advantage of, all of these are also going to lead to significant amounts of money in your pocket.
Want to earn big money from the cops but don’t want to go on a crime spree? Then you absolutely need to play the Cops & Robbers Fruit Machine. Which huge prizes on offer, you would be stupid to miss out on it!

Cops and Robbers Slot Features – Where to play slots

Bonus Round
Instant Play
3 Reels
1 Line

So, now you know where to play slots like Cops and Robbers Slot and, you can grab an awesome sign up bonus too!