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About Captain Cash Slot – Where to play slots

Isn’t it almost everybody’s dream to own a boat one day? Well, those that aren’t scared of the water at least. For that we need to come into great riches, and that is exactly what the Captain Cash Slot Machine will provide you with, provided you play it right at least.
The main character of this game is the aptly named ‘Captain Cash’, a captain of a boat. This is certainly something you could be sailing someday, providing you hit the big jackpot in the Captain Cash Slot Machine.
This is your classic slot machine, just with a bit of an adventure twist. With every spin of the Captain Cash Slot Machine you can look forward to an adventure on the high seas, or at least it will look like it with the beautiful images that have been crafted for you. All you need to do is choose the amount of money you are going to stake on the game and spin away! Remember, the more you stake, the bigger the wins!
Of course, like any good slot machine, Captain Cash is not short of special features. In fact, there is a vast array of them for you to sink your teeth into. All of them provide a degree of complexity, but are still simple enough for even the beginner of online slot machines to get to grips with. Just pray you get that chef wild symbol, it could end up boosting your winnings substantially!
Why not put off the sailing of the high seas for a bit? Get the same amount of thrill today by signing up to the Captain Cash Slot Machine, one of the most exciting slot machines to grace the internet. Remember, play the game right and you can win masses amounts of cash.

Captain Cash Slot Features – Where to play slots

Wild Symbol
3 Reels
5 Lines

So, now you know where to play slots like Captain Cash Slot and, you can grab an awesome sign up bonus too!