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Where to play slots – top casino’s offering Bars and Stripes Slot

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About Bars and Stripes Slot – Where to play slots

The Bars and Stripes Slot Machine is a game that symbolises everything that is great about America, and no, I don’t mean alcohol and gambling. This simple slot machine has truly been designed around the American way of life, in fact, I don’t think you will ever see a more ‘American’ slot machine than this one.
The game makes use of Hot Dogs, American Eagles, Turkeys, Football Balls and so much more to symbolise America. Of course, like any good slot machine, all you need to do is line up the symbols and you are line for high amounts of cash. The pay-out rate is pretty excellent as well. The game is dead simple to play, all you need to do in the Bars and Strips Slot Machine is to choose the amount of money you are looking to stake on your spin, and of course, the amount of win lines you are targeting (and there are a lot of them) after that, it is just a simple matter of spinning the machine. Any money you earn will be added to your bank automatically. It is so simple, you could even play it drunk!
There aren’t many features in this game, not many that require any interaction at least, all you need to do is sit back and hope some special symbols appear on the screen. If they do, then you are in for a chance of massive winnings.
If you want to experience the American way of life then you absolutely need to play the Bars and Stripes Slot Machine. It is so incredibly simple to play, and the potential of winning is absolutely huge. Just sit back, hit that spin button and wait for the winnings to roll in. You will be glad you did! Couple this with the fact that you can get a sign up bonus when you play this game today, you really do have nothing to lose!

Bars and Stripes Slot Features – Where to play slots

Bonus Round
Video Slots
Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
5 Reels
25 Lines

So, now you know where to play slots like Bars and Stripes Slot and, you can grab an awesome sign up bonus too!