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Blackjack with a difference. Super Blackjack comes with extra side bets for extra excitement.

The game concept is based on the traditional card game classic Blackjack, but modified with a variety of side bet options to allow more bets per game.

The player starts the game by placing chips on any of the bet areas. Different values can be selected by clicking the chips at the bottom of the screen.
Once the player is satisfied with the bets laid, the DEAL button is pressed, and the player and dealer are dealt two cards each.

The player’s cards and the dealer’s first card are played face up, while the dealer’s second card is laid face down. The game will STAND or HIT for the player using an automatically calculated strategy (using the table below). The game will continue to HIT until the player can STAND or the player has gone BUST using an automatically calculated strategy (using the table below).

When two player cards are listed in the table, it refers to the first two cards dealt. When one number is stated, it refers to the total of the player’s hand (which can be 2 cards or more).

If the player goes bust (the total of card values is more than 21), the ‘Beat The Dealer’ bet is transferred to the dealer’s bank.

If the player STANDS, the game play then moves on to the dealer. The dealer will draw up to 17, and stand on 17 or more.

If the dealer goes bust, the player wins evens on the ‘Beat The Dealer’ stake.

If the dealer stands and has a higher total than the player, the player loses the ‘Beat The Dealer’ bet.

If the dealer stands and has a lower total than the player, the player wins evens on the ‘Beat The Dealer’ stake.

If the dealer and the player finish with equal card values the result will be declared a ‘Push’ and the player’s stake on the ‘Beat the Dealer’ bet will be returned to the player.

Note: If the dealer or the player achieves Blackjack (a 10-point card and an Ace) this will beat a hand of 21 that is not Blackjack. Therefore a Blackjack hand against a non-Blackjack hand of value 21 will not be declared a ‘Push’.

Regardless of the outcome of the Blackjack game (“Beat The Dealer”), the game will be played out to its conclusion so that side bet winnings can be calculated and paid out.

Cash In
Choose your Stake
Place your chips on one or more of the bet areas and press DEAL.
When card drawing is finished, winning bet areas will be highlighted.
If you bet on one or more of those areas, you are a Winner!

Turbo Bet

By selecting ‘On’, animations will not be shown, allowing quicker gameplay
Added Features

Click on “Options” for additional features including:

Animation: by selecting ‘Off’, animation will not be shown.
Sound: by selecting ‘Off’, no sounds will be played throughout the game.
How to Bet Demo: is an animated guide to playing Blackjack
Betting History: provides a summary of all bets placed during each session.

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