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Spoof is a fixed-odds betting game, based on the traditional pub game where you guess the number of coins held in someone’s hands. There are several bets on offer including betting on the number of coins in each hand, the total number of coins in all hands, and whether or not all three hands will have the same amount of coins.

Cash in
Choose your stake (chip size)
Place chips on one or more of the options on the betting slip
Select either ‘Bet Now’ for single game session or ‘Auto-Bet’ to select up to 10 game sessions
Wait for the result
If you correctly predicted the coin results then you’re a winner!

Bonus Round

The Bonus Round gives you the chance to double your winnings. Predict whether the coin will either be Heads or Tails – if you’re correct you’re a winner! This is a 50:50 bet so there is the same probability that the coin will be a Heads as there is that the coin will be a Tails. You can continue to gamble on the bonus round until you collect your winnings, lose or reach the maximum bet limit.

Note: The Bonus Round is not available between Auto Play games, however if your final round of Auto Play results in a winning bet then you will be able to enter the bonus round as normal.

Repeat Bet

Click on the ‘repeat bet’ button to replicate your previous bet.

Turbo Bet

By selecting ‘On’, animations will not be shown and the game will go straight to the final open hand.

Added Features

Click on “Options” for additional features including:

Animation: by selecting ‘Off’, animation will not be shown and the game will go straight to the open hands.
Sound: by selecting ‘Off’, no sounds will be played throughout the game.
How to Bet Demo: is an animated guide to Spoof.
Betting History: provides a summary and ‘More’ button for full details of all bets placed during each session.

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