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Sensible® SoccerTM Euro Cup Slot is a 5-reel 25-line slot machine game based on a Football Euro Cup theme. The game features Freespins with a choice of 3 different reel modifiers, a Sensible Soccer bonus round where you can win the progressive jackpot and also features 3 wild symbols.


Step 1: Getting Started
Step 2: How To Play
Wild Symbols
Buy Bonus
Euro Cup Bonus Round
Auto Play
Other Features
Minimum Stake, Maximum Stake & Maximum Payouts

Step 1: Getting Started

Press the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to choose a total stake between 25p and £250.
This game is fixed to always be 25 lines.
The total amount you have staked will be shown in the “TOTAL STAKE” box at the bottom right of the screen.
A maximum of £250 total bet can be placed on any one spin.
Click on the ‘PAYTABLE’ button to view the paytable, which shows the potential winnings for each reel combination, scatters, bonuses etc.

Step 2: How To Play

Press ‘SPIN’ to start the game (or press the spacebar on your keyboard).
The reels will spin and eventually stop at random.
If the combination of symbols appearing on the reels forms a line of 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols (starting from the left) on one of the 25 win lines in play, then you win. Any winning lines you have will be highlighted and your winnings will be credited to your account balance.
If you have 3 of the Freespins scatter symbols anywhere on the reels then it will trigger the Freespins bonus. If you have 3 of the Bonus scatter symbol anywhere on the reels then it will trigger the Euro Cup Bonus.

Wild Symbols

There are 3 wild symbols in the game. During a normal spin each of these wild symbols behaves in exactly the same way and each can be used to help form other line wins.
Wild symbols cannot substitute for scatter symbols and cannot form a win themselves, only help create line wins with other symbols.


Getting 3 of the Freespins scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will start the Freespins bonus.
There are 3 modifier options available for the Freespins. You need to select which one of these you want.
“The Banker” (Referee) modifier awards 15 Freespins.
“The Fanatic” modifier awards 10 Freespins, but on average the amount won per spin will be higher than the other modifiers.
“The Wobbler” (Goal-Keeper) modifier awards 20 Freespins, but on average the amount won per spin will be lower than the other modifiers.
Each modifier uses a slightly different reel set and it is not possible to trigger Freespins or the bonus round while in Freespins.
During Freespins if your selected wild symbol appears anywhere on the reels then the animation for that symbol will be triggered and several symbols will be turned to wild. These will help create line wins for that spin. The wild symbols will only stay for that one spin and will be removed for the next spin. If you get one of the other wild symbols then they simply count as a normal wild.

Buy Bonus

Rather than waiting until you get a spin on the reels where you have 3 of the bonus symbols, you can decide to buy the bonus round and go straight there.
This will cost 30 times the current total stake value selected.
When buying the bonus the reels do not spin at all – you simply go straight to the bonus round (after confirming you do want to buy the bonus).
Once in the bonus round it will work in exactly the same way as if you had triggered it normally from the reels (except that you will have a slightly higher chance of winning the progressive jackpot as the total amount paid for that go would be higher).

Euro Cup Bonus Round

The bonus game is a simulation of the knockout stages of a European Cup club competition.
This is a no lose bonus round and you will always win something – even if your selected team goes out in the first round.
When you first get to the bonus round then you have two options to select how to play the bonus:
Play the bonus normally with highlights of goals and near misses.
Play with no highlights at all and just see the scores of the games.
You cannot change your selection once you have started the bonus, however if you have selected to play the bonus normally with highlights then you can still skip the highlights for any of the games later if you want.
After selecting the option of how you want to play the bonus you are shown a screen containing 16 teams to choose from with the better teams at the top and the worse teams at the bottom. You then need to select which team you want and the further that team gets in the simulated cup competition then the more money you will win.
The better teams are more likely to progress through the tournament than other teams, however each team has a “Team Multiplier” that takes this into account – so teams that are less likely to go as far have a higher multiplier so winnings are multiplied by more than for teams that are quite likely to get to the final.
The Multipliers for each team are shown next to their name. As you roll over the different teams, the payouts for selecting that team and finishing at different points in the tournament are shown in the bottom right of the screen.

(Note: The teams and multipliers shown above might not be the same as those used in the actual game)

After selecting your team the initial fixtures are then decided. The fixture involving your team is picked first and then the others are all picked at random. Any team could face any other team (there is nothing to stop teams from the same country playing against each other).
Throughout the cup all rounds apart from the final consist of two “legs” – a home leg and an away leg for each team. The final just has one leg.
The winner of each round will go through to the next round (or win the cup if it was the final round). The loser will be out of the game.
The winner of each round is decided as follows:
Add up the scores each team scored over the two legs (this is known as the aggregate score or “agg” for short). If one team scored more goals than the other then the one that scored the most goes through to the next round
If the scores are level after the two legs then the number of away goals are used – the team that scored the most goals when they were playing away will go through (Away team is the team on the right on the fixtures).
If the number of away goals is also the same then 30 minutes of extra time will be played
If one team scores more goals than the other in Extra time then that team wins
If both teams score in extra time then away goals are used to decide the outcome. The away team (team on the right in second leg) will have scored more away goals now and so they will win.
If neither team scores in extra time then a penaly shootout is used to decide the winner.
For the final only one round is played and there are no away goals at all. If the scores are level after 90 minutes then 30 minutes of Extra time will be played. If they are still level after that then a penalty shootout is used to decide the winner.
After the first round involving all 16 teams the winning 8 teams will go through to the quarter final. Here the fixtures are randomly chosen once more. For the remaining rounds (Semi Final and Final) there are no random fixtures and instead the winner from one game will play the winner of the game below.
Fixtures are played in order from top to bottom. When it gets to a fixture involving your team then you will need to select the ‘PLAY’ button to start that game.
After pressing Play, the highlights for that game will be shown using the Sensible® SoccerTM graphics and game play.
During these Highlights the team you had selected will be highlighted with a yellow rectangle. Next to each teams name you will also be able to see a little arrow indigating which direction that team is playing.
There is a meter on the right of the screen showing how many goals have been scored in total over this round and so how close to getting the 10 goals needed to win the progressive jackpot.
At the bottom of the highlights screen is a button that allows you to skip to the final result of this game and this can be pressed at any point to go straight to the final score screen.

Once all the fixtures have been played the teams swap around so the team that was at home in each game swaps with the team that was away in that game. The second leg games are then played in the same way and the results decided using the rules above for deciding the winner.
The winning teams then progress to the next round and this continues until the final and the winner is decided.
After your team has been knocked out you are given the option to see the final results and which team ended up winning the cup.


You win the progressive jackpot if 10 or more goals are scored in your team’s matches in one round (adding together the scores for the home and away leg, or just the scores for the final if it was the last game). For example if the score was 3-3 in your teams game after the first leg and 3-1 in the second leg then you would win the progressive jackpot as there would be a total of 10 goals!
It does not matter if your team won or lost that round or at what stage in the cup the game was, as long as there are 10 goals scored (excluding penalty shootouts).
The progressive goal counter, shown in the highlights and inbetween games your team are involved in, shows how many goals you have this round towards the progressive jackpot.
In the event of a communication error after a progressive win result has been determined and before it has been displayed on screen, the win amount will automatically be transferred to the player’s account.
In the event of the jackpot being won, other players playing the game simultaneously will be informed of the new jackpot value and offered the option to void the present bet. This is only relevant if the jackpot display on the other players games has not been updated to the new value yet.
Whilst the game is live the jackpot can only be terminated if the value of the jackpot is zero. If the game is removed the outstanding pool amount can be transferred to another jackpot or retained by the operator.
The administration of the jackpot is at the discretion of William Hill.

Auto Play

By selecting ‘AUTO PLAYS’ you can choose to place up to 25 bets automatically, one after the other. Alternatively you can choose to select “UNTIL BONUS” and then Auto Play will continue until the bonus round (or Freespins) are triggered. Select your stake as normal then press the ‘AUTO PLAYS’ button to select the number of ‘Auto Play’ bets you want before clicking the ‘SPIN’ button.
Auto Play will turn off if you get into the bonus round or trigger Freespins.
You can stop Auto Play from continuing onto the next spin by clicking the ‘STOP’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Other Features

BETTING HISTORY: Select this from the OPTIONS menu to display a log of the previous games in the current session showing your bets placed and the outcomes.

BACKGROUND SOUND ON/OFF: Select this from the OPTIONS menu to switch on/off the background sound within the game.

SOUND ON/OFF : Select this from the OPTIONS menu to switch on/off all audio within the game. You can also press the ‘MUTE’ button at the top of the screen.

HELP: Select this from the top of the screen (or select “HOW TO PLAY THE GAME” from the OPTIONS menu) to open this help page.

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