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Play with the playboys in the celebrity lifestyle game Rich and Famous – a 5-reel, 25-line slot machine game and one of the top online slots at William Hill Games.

This popular game includes wild symbols, a bonus game round and a nifty little feature called Reverse Play, where you can bet and win if there are no winning lines – if you don’t think the next spin’s a winner then play it in Reverse Play mode instead.

The paytable shows the various types of wins available in the game.

Cash in
Choose your stake using the ‘Stake Up’ and ‘Stake Down’ buttons
Choose the number of lines you want to bet with your chosen stake amount (selected above)
Select ‘Play’ for single game or ‘Auto-Play’ to select up to 25 spins
Wait for the result
If the reels stop in a position that produces a win on one of the lines you selected to play on, then you win on that line (you can win on multiple lines as well as a scatter win)

Reverse Play

Click on the Reverse Play button to turn reverse play mode on and off. When Reverse Play is on and wins occur on the reels (or when there are 3 or more bonus game scatter symbols) then you will lose, but all other times (when there are no winning lines) you will win. The winnings are determined by the number of lines selected and the total stake (see paytable).

By selecting ‘Auto Play’, you can choose to place 5,10,15,20 or 25 spins automatically, one after the other. Make your selections (number of lines and stake amount) as normal then select the number of auto-bets to do before clicking the Play button.

After showing the result any winnings will be collected automatically. If there was a bonus game scatter win, ‘Auto Play’ will stop and the game will enter the bonus round.

You can stop ‘Auto Play’ from continuing onto the next bet by clicking the ‘Stop Auto Play’ button or by clicking on the ‘Auto play’ button again, which turns it off and resets the number of spins back to 1.
Added Features

Click on ‘Options’ for additional features including:

Sound: by selecting ‘Off’ no sounds will be played throughout the game.
How to Bet Demo: is an animated guide to the game
Betting History: provides a summary and the ‘More’ button gives further details of the results during each session

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