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Racing Cards is a simple race game that uses a pack of cards to determine who the winner is. 30 cards from a shuffled pack are dealt face-down in 6 lanes. Bets may be placed on one or more of the 6 lanes on which will have the highest score at the end of the race. The cards are then revealed a row at a time, with the face value of each card being added to the meter directly beneath it. As with many other card games, picture cards all have a face value of ten and aces are counted as one.

When all cards have been revealed, the lane with the highest meter total wins, and all other lanes lose. If a bet has been placed on the winning lane then a multiple of the bet is paid. The winning score determines the bet multiple paid.

How to Play

Press the ‘Cash In’ button on the top-right of the main screen, to buy credits from your William Hill Account.

Click on an available chip at the bottom of the screen to select it.

Place chips on 1 or more of the 6 lanes to bet. Multiple chips can be placed on the same lane to increase the bet amount.

Select the ‘Clear Last Bet’ button to remove the last chip placed, or select the ‘Clear All Bets’ button to remove all chips placed.

Select the ‘Auto Bet’ button to place the same bets for up to 10 consecutive games.

Click the ‘Bet Now’ button to commence the game and begin revealing the cards. Selecting the ‘Turbo Bet’ button speeds up the game by revealing all cards instantly.

If you’ve bet on the lane with the highest meter total, then you’re a winner! The gauge on the left will then show the winning score and bet multiplier. If two or more lanes have a joint winning score, then both lanes will pay the respective bet multiplier.

Click ‘Repeat Bet’ to place the same bet again in the next game.

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