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Quick Bet Wheel is an original betting game based on a 31-number lucky wheel. Players win by correctly predicting the number the ‘Clacker’ indicates when the wheel comes to a stop. Bet types include single, double, triple, pentuple, sixes, odds/evens, high or low.

Note: the High/Low and Odd/Even bets do not pay out when the clacker lands on ‘0’.

Cash In
Choose your Stake
Place stake tokens on one or more of the numbered sections.
Select either ‘Bet Now’ for single game session or ‘Auto-Bet’ to select up to 10 game sessions.
Wait for Result. If you have selected a winning number with the correct bet type you are a Winner!

Repeat Bet

Once a game has been completed you have the option of betting on the same numbers in the next game by simply selecting to ‘Place Same Bet’ on the previous ‘Result Screen’.

Select ‘Place New Bet’ to start placing tokens from scratch
Added Features

Click on “Options” for additional features including:

Animation On/Off: by selecting ‘off’ the result will be displayed without the full animation of the wheel spin
‘How to Bet Demo’: is an animated guide to Quick Bet Wheel
Betting History: provides a summary and ‘More’ button for full details of all bets placed during each session

Fairness Testing
RTP & House Edge (Calculated RTP from fairness testing)


House Edge



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