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Quick Bet Golf is a fixed-odds betting golf game, based on a three-hole playoff. There are 35 different bets available, including betting on who will win outright, who will win each hole and special events like landing in the water or sand, landing out of bounds, holing an eagle or getting a hole-in-one.

If the special event that you bet on occurs one or more times then you win on that bet. (It could occur for either of the players or both, but you don’t win any extra if it happens more than once in the same game).

There are five golfers to choose from. Each has different skills so the odds change depending on the golfers selected. Two opposing golfers must be chosen (they cannot play against themselves).
Golf Glossary

Birdie: a score of one under (less than) par for a hole.
eg, Sensible Sally made a birdie 4 on the par 5 17th hole

Bogey: a score of one over (more than) par for a hole.
eg, Awful Anne played the hole fairly well, but still only managed to make a bogey

Eagle: a score of 2 under (less than) par for a hole.
eg, Perfect Pete only took 2 shots on the par 4 16th hole and scored an eagle

Hole in one: a score of 1 on a hole, holing the tee shot.
eg, Hefty Henry hits the ball with 1 shot getting a hole in one.

Par: the number of strokes a golfer is expected to complete the hole.
eg, The 17th hole is difficult and for that reason is par 5

Cash in
Choose your two golfers or select ‘Random Golfers’
Choose your stake (chip size)
Place chips on one or more of the bet options on the left of the screen
Select either ‘Bet Now’ for a single game or first choose ‘Auto-Bet’ to select up to 10 games
Wait for the result
If you have correctly predicted who would win (or one of the other bets) then you’re a winner!

Repeat Bet

Click on the repeat bet button to replicate your previous bets and stake.
Turbo Bet

By selecting ‘On’, animations will not be shown so the final result is reached far quicker than normal.

By selecting “Auto bet” you can choose to place 1,2,5 or 10 bets automatically one after the other. Make your selections and set your stake as normal then select the number of auto-bets to do before clicking the bet now button.

After showing the result any winnings will be collected and the next bet will automatically start (using the same selections as before). This will continue until the specified number of bets has been completed or you have insufficient credits to place the next bet.

You can stop the auto-bet from continuing onto the next bet by clicking the “Stop Auto-Bet” button.
Clearing Bets

To undo the last bet you placed simply click the “Clear Last Bet” button. To clear a different bet instead (not the previous bet) hold down the shift button on your keyboard and click on the bet you want to remove. The last amount added to that bet will then be removed.
To remove all of the chips that have been placed click the “Clear All Bets” button.
Added Features

Click on “Options” for additional features including:

Animation: by selecting ‘Off’, ‘ the animations will not be shown fully. (This is the same as turning Turbo Bet on)
Sound: by selecting ‘Off’, no sounds will be played throughout the game.
How to Bet Demo: is an animated guide to the game
Betting History: provides a summary and ‘More’ button for full details of all bets placed during each session.
Decimal Odds: selecting this option displays the odds in decimals instead of fractions. Selecting it again changes the odds back to fractions

Fairness Testing
RTP & House Edge (Average RTP: 95.06%, Average House Edge: 4.94%)

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