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Multi Bar-X is a five reel, ten pay-line slot game based on the popular Bar-X range of games. The Multi Bar-X also awards a Freespins Bonus when 5 Gold Rings appear on the reels.


Stake Selection
Playing the Game
Win Schedule
5 Gold Rings / Freespins Bonus
Additional Game Information
Other Features
Stake Selection

The current “Stake Per Line” is shown in a meter located in the bottom-right of the screen. The “Total Stake” for all 10 paylines is shown immediately below this meter.

Use the “Stake Up” and “Stake Down” buttons on the bottom panel to increase and decrease the stake as desired. Stakes range from £0.01 to £20 per line.

Once the game has started, the stake cannot be changed until the game is complete.

Pressing the “Paytable” button before commencing a game will show the winning combinations that will be paid.

Playing the Game

Press the “Play” button to commence the game.

All five reels will spin and eventually settle on a random stop position.

All winnings combinations pay from left-to-right only as shown in the Paytable. The total cumulative win for all 10 paylines will initially be given in the Win Meter shown in the top-left of the screen. Then each individual winning payline is highlighted in turn.

Wins will be credited to Balance, at the top-right of the screen.

Select “Auto Play” to play either 5, 10 ,15, 20 or 25 games automatically. Then press “Play” to commence the automatic games.

Win Schedule

The machine awards the following prizes (paying left-to-right only):

Matches Symbol Multiple of Stake per Line Paid
3x X x2
4x X x4
5x X x8
3x Bar x10
4x Bar x20
5x Bar x50

All payout figures show the amount your Stake per Line is multiplied by, for each winning symbol combination. For example, if the game is played at £0.50 stake per line and a 4x “Bar” win is achieved, the win amount paid will be £0.50 x 20 = £10.00

“Wild” substitutes for both “X” and “Bar” symbols.

No award is given for achieving 3 or more “O” symbols.

Freespins Bonus / 5 Gold Rings

If the first reel contains an “O” symbol in any of the three visible positions, there is a chance that it will change to a gold ring.

In turn, if the previous reel contains a gold ring then there is a chance that any subsequent “O” symbol may change to a gold ring.

If all five reels contains gold rings, then the Freespins Bonus feature is started.

Hit the “Stop” button to reveal either 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 freespins.

The stake used for the awarding Freespins game will be used throughout the Freespins, and may not be changed until all Freespins have been taken.

The paytable will remain the same during Freespins with the exception of “Double” and “Treble” overlays on certain “X” and “Bar symbols, which will Double or Triple any line wins respectively.

Additional Freespins may be gained by achieving a further five gold rings, and these will be added to any remaining freespins.

Freespins may be played manually be pressing the “Play” button to start each spin, or automatically by pressing the “Auto Play” button.

Additional Game Information

All wins paid are expressed in terms of stake-per-line multiples.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

The total stake will be decremented from available credit at the start of the game, and may not be changed until the current game is complete.

The outcome of any game or feature is not necessarily that shown by the odds displayed.

This game is random, and has a target return of 94%.

Other Features

The following additional facilities are available by pressing the Help button before commencing a game:

How To Play. This will display these instructions.
Betting History. This will display a log of the previous game outcomes in the current play session.
Sound Off/ On. This option will remove all audio from the game. Selecting this option a second time will restore the game audio.
Quality. This will change the quality of the graphics used during the game. Higher quality graphics may cause the game to run slowly on some machines. Lowering the graphic quality and/or reducing the size of the play window may help to increase the speed of game play.
Exit Menu. This will exit the Help Menu and return to normal play.

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