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Jacks or Better is a Vegas game based on traditional deal/draw video poker games.

The game is played with a deck of 52 cards. At the start of the game, you will be given the option to choose the number of hands you wish to play. You may choose to play just one or 3, 5, 10 or 50 hands at once. When the game starts, you will be dealt five cards as your base hand and can choose whether to hold any or all of them in order to achieve the best hand on the draw (ie, the second round of cards you are dealt).

If you are playing multiple hands, any cards that you hold on the base hand will also be held in all other hands automatically. Any cards you do not hold will be discarded and replaced by new cards from the pack when you click the Draw button.

If after the draw you have one or more of the poker hands shown in the award table on screen (a pair of jacks or better – geddit?), you will win the appropriate prize for that hand. If you are playing multiple hands, you will be awarded the appropriate win (if any) for each hand and your total winnings will be counted up as the hands are drawn.


Getting started
The deal and holding your cards
The draw
Gamble win
Other features

Step 1: getting started

Choose how many hands to play.
To do this, select on the number of hands you want beneath the pay table.
Choose to stake from 1 to 5 ‘coins’.
To do this, you can click on the ‘Select Coins’ button until the desired number of coins is highlighted. Alternatively, press Select 5 Coins to go straight to 5 coins.

Press the Stake Up and Stake Down buttons to choose a stake per coin between 1p and £20 (the available stakes will change depending on the number of hands being played).
The total amount you have staked will be shown in the TOTAL STAKE box at the bottom of the screen. For example, if you choose a stake per coin of 10p and play with 5 coins and 5 hands, your total stake will be £2.50 (50p on each hand).
A maximum of £125 total bet can be placed on any one game.
The award table on the screen shows the potential winnings for each possible number of coins you choose to stake – you can reach the maximum prize by staking the maximum number of coins at the maximum stake per coin.
The table shows the number of coins that you can win for each hand. The value of your prize will depend on the number of coins and the stake per coin you selected for your bet. The payout is multiplied by the stake per coin (not the stake per hand).
Your stake must be placed at the start of the game and cannot be changed once you press Deal.

Step 2: the deal and holding your cards

Press Deal to start the game.
Your first five cards will be dealt.
To hold any (or all) of the cards in order to improve your chance of getting a winning hand on the draw, click on the cards so that the HOLD banner appears.

If you have switched on the Auto Hold feature, any cards that make up a winning hand will already be held for you according to our suggested strategy. You can release them by clicking the cards again so that the HOLD banner disappears.
The Auto Hold feature is switched on by default when you start the game. When it is switched on, “AUTO HOLD ON” is displayed on the screen, just above the Deal/Draw button.
If you prefer to switch Auto Hold off, press the Auto Hold On button. If Auto Hold is switched off and you want to use it, you can still switch it on again (by pressing the Auto Hold button again), even after your cards have been dealt, and the best cards will be held for you. If you have already held any cards, these may be replaced by the Auto Hold function. Once the cards have been drawn, Auto Hold is inactive until the next game.
If you are playing multiple hands, all cards held in the base hand will automatically be held for all hands. It is not possible to hold different cards for different hands.

Step 3: the draw

When you have selected the cards you wish to hold, press Draw to continue the game.
All cards that were not held will be discarded, and new cards will be dealt from the pack to replace them. The discarded cards are not shuffled back into the pack until you finish the game and press Deal for the next game.
A winning hand is one that matches a hand shown on the award table (ie, pair of jacks or better).
If you have one or more winning hands, your win(s) will be highlighted on the award table. If for example, you are playing 50 hands and eight of those hands get a Straight, ‘8x’ will be displayed next to the highlighted Straight line on the award table.
You will then have the option to deal again or enter the Gamble Win game, and the Gamble Win button will flash. Your winnings will automatically be added to your account balance.
If none of the hands you are playing has a win, the game is over and the Deal button will flash, indicating that you can start a new game. The stake and stake per coin will stay the same as on the previous game unless you change them.

Gamble win

The Gamble Win button will light up each time you win, giving you the option to play a gamble game.

Press the flashing Gamble Win button to enter the game.
Since your winnings were added to your account balance straight away before you pressed Gamble Win, these winnings will now be deducted from your account balance again. Then at the end of the gamble game, depending on whether you win or lose, your account balance will be updated once more.
If you change your mind at this stage, you can still press Collect to collect all your winnings and return to the main game, or Collect Half to collect half of your winnings and play the gamble game with the remaining half.
In the gamble game, you will have a choice of 6 bets as to what the next card drawn will be – red or black, or which specific suit. You may only place one bet.
Press the appropriate button for the bet you wish to make. The card is then turned over.

If you guessed correctly, your winnings are doubled for red/black bets and quadrupled for specific suit bets.
If you guessed incorrectly, your winnings total will return to 0.00 and after a few seconds the screen will return to the normal game screen.

If you win, you may repeat the gamble on the next card (and then subsequent cards) or you may collect all or half your winnings. You can continue playing the gamble game until your potential winnings exceed the maximum win limit.
Results of the 14 most recent draws since you started the game are displayed at the bottom of the bonus screen (with the most recent on the left).
You can keep collecting half until your balance is below the minimum stake level. After that you must either bet or collect all.
All cards are dealt from a new pack – so the card that came up in the previous go could be the same card in the next go (so it is always an equal bet).
This feature operates at zero margin.

Auto Play

By selecting Auto Play you can choose to place up to 25 bets automatically, one after the other. Make your selections (number of coins and stake per coin) as normal then press the Auto Play button to select the number of Auto Play bets you want before clicking the Deal button.
You can stop Auto Play from continuing with the next deal by clicking the Auto Play button again, which resets the number of bets back to 1, or by clicking Stop Auto Play whenever it appears briefly on screen between hands as shown below.
While in Auto Play, Auto Hold is automatically switched on so that the suggested cards are held after the deal. Any wins will be collected automatically rather than going to the Gamble Win game.

Other features

Betting History: Choose this from the Help/Options menu to display a log of the previous games in the current session, showing your bets placed and the outcomes.

Speed Options: On the Help/Options menu, you can select one of four speeds for the draw – Slow, Normal, Fast and Turbo. To change speeds, click on the arrow buttons (left for slower, right for faster speeds).

Sound on/off: Select this from the Help/Options menu to switch all audio within the game on or off.

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