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Quick Bet Hi-Lo Cards is a fixed-odds betting card game, based on the popular game Hi-Lo. There are four different suits each with 13 cards and you can bet on the next card of that suit being higher or lower than the current card. The odds of the bets change depending on the current card (the winnings for betting higher than a Queen are much bigger than those for betting lower than a Queen as it is less likely to occur).

The odds this game offers (over 98.7% payout on some bets!) are better than on any Hi-Lo games at other major UK bookmakers sites.*

Game Rules

Cash in
Choose your stake using the “+” and “-” buttons
Press the “Draw” button
If you are not happy with the cards shown then you can press “Shuffle” to get 4 new random cards
Select one of the “Hi” or “Lo” buttons to the right of the cards to place that bet (you only bet on one suit at a time)
Wait for the cards to stop and reveal the new cards.
If you have correctly predicted what the new card will be then you’re a Winner!


You start each bet with 3 shuffles. You can use these before you start betting or after any win to change the cards available to you for the next bets.

Every time you make a correct guess and win, an extra shuffle bar is highlighted. Once all 4 of these bars are highlighted you win an extra shuffle.
You can have a maximum of 6 shuffles.
If you lose or bank all your winnings then you go back to 3 shuffles
Turbo Bet

By selecting ‘On’, the card animations will not be shown and so the cards will go straight to the final positions rather than slow down gradually.
Added Features

Click on “Options” for additional features including:

Animation: by selecting ‘Off’, animation will not be shown and the cards will go straight to the final position rather than slow down gradually. (Same as turbo mode)
Sound: by selecting ‘Off’, no sounds will be played throughout the game.
How to Bet Demo: is an animated guide to Quick Bet Hi-Lo Cards.
Betting History: provides a summary and ‘More’ button for full details of all bets placed during this session.

*Statement correct at time of release (July 2005).
Fairness Testing
RTP & House Edge (Average RTP: 97.21%, Average House Edge: 2.79%)


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