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Heads Up Poker is based on the popular poker game of Texas Hold’Em, where you, the player, will go head to head against the Dealer. The game features a special bonus side bet, in addition to the usual features found in the game of Texas Hold’Em. The aim of the game is to make the best 5-card poker hand possible from the 2 cards dealt to you and the 5 community cards on the table. Your hand must beat the Dealer’s to win.

The game uses 1 deck of 52 cards, shuffled at the start of each game. This game will use the Las Vegas rule set.


Step 1: Getting Started
Step 2: The Bonus Side Bet
Step 3: The Deal
Step 4: The Flop
Step 5: The Turn
Step 6: The River
Other Features
Payouts, RTP & House Edge

Step 1: Getting Started

First you need to cash in to buy your chips for the game.
Choose your stake from the selection of chips at the bottom left of the screen.
To place your chips on the table, click in the ‘Ante’ bet area and, if you wish to place a Bonus side bet, place your chips for that bet in the Bonus bet area.
The Bonus side bet is optional, but you must place an Ante bet to play the game.
Every time you click on any active bet area, a chip will be placed in that bet area.
You may place as many chips as you like on the Ante bet, provided that you do not exceed the maximum stake, which is shown in the table below along with the minimum Ante stake for each currency.
The total amount you have staked for all bets will be shown in the ‘Total Stake’ box at the bottom right of the screen.
If you press the ‘Double Bet’ button before the Deal, the total bets you have placed so far on both the Ante (and the Bonus, if any) will be doubled.
Press ‘Undo’ to undo your last action – so if you have removed a chip from the table, ‘Undo’ will replace it, or if you have just pressed ‘Double Bet’ then ‘Undo’ will remove those chips you just added.
If you change your mind and want to start again, press ‘Clear All Bets’ to remove all chips from the table.
Once you are happy with your bets, press ‘Deal’ to play the game. Once you have pressed ‘Deal’, you cannot cancel your bets.

Turbo Bet

Switch on ‘Turbo Bet’ before you press ‘Deal’ if you want the cards dealt to be displayed instantly without viewing the animation of the cards being dealt from the shoe.

Step 2: The Bonus Side Bet

The Bonus side bet is optional. It is a separate bet on your hole cards, so the Dealer’s hand will not affect it, unless both you and the Dealer each have a pair of Aces.
You may place as many chips as you like on the Bonus bet, provided that you do not exceed the maximum bonus stake, which is listed in the table below. The minimum stake for the Bonus side bet is 10p).
Once you are happy with your bets, press ‘Deal’ to play the game. Once you have pressed ‘Deal’, you cannot cancel your bets.

Step 3: The Deal

Once you press ‘Deal’, both you and the Dealer are dealt 2 “Hole” cards each, face down.
Your cards are then flipped over so they are visible, and you are given the option to continue or to fold (ie. surrender the Ante bet and end the game).
There are three betting rounds in total after these initial Hole cards are dealt – “The Flop”, “The Turn” and “The River”. After each betting round, community cards are dealt, from which both you and the Dealer will try to make a 5-card poker hand using a combination of any of the 5 community cards and/or your 2 Hole cards.
If you wish to continue after the Deal, you must place a second bet on the Flop, equal to double your Ante bet.
If you fold, the Ante bet is lost and if no Bonus side bet has been placed, the Hole cards are cleared and the game ends without displaying the Dealer’s Hole cards.
However, if you placed a Bonus, then the Hole cards remain on the table and the Dealer’s cards are shown before the Bonus bet is settled. (The Dealer’s cards are relevant to the Bonus bet only if both player and Dealer have a pair of Aces – see paytable for details.)

Step 4: The Flop

Three community cards will then be dealt face up on the table, this is the flop.
You now have the choice to place a further bet, or “check” – ie. continue the game without placing another bet.
If you Play (place a further bet) then a stake equal to your original ante is placed and a new card is dealt from the pack (the Turn card).
If you check then the new card is still dealt but your stake is not increased at all. (It is possible to check on this bet and still bet on the River in the final betting round).

Step 5: The Turn

Here you have the choice to Play (bet) or to Check.
If you Play then an extra stake equal to your original ante is placed and a new card (the River card) is dealt.
If you check, then the new card is still dealt but no additional bet is made.

Step 6: The River

All 5 community cards have now been dealt and the result of the game is now known.
The best 5-card poker hand that you can make out of the 5 cards on the table and your 2 Hole cards will be compared with the Dealer’s best possible hand.
If your hand is better, you win the Ante and Flop bets, as well as the Turn and River bets, provided you did not check on those rounds.
If the Dealer’s hand is better, then the Dealer wins the Ante, Flop, Turn and River bets.
If both hands have the exact same value then the Ante, Flop, Turn and River bets will all Push.
If you placed a Bonus side bet, this will now be settled based on the two sets of hole cards.
The game pays out as per the Payout table (below).

Other Features

Betting History: Select this from the Options menu to display details of the previous games in the current session, showing your bets placed and the outcomes.

Sound On/Off: Select this from the Options menu (or use the Mute button on the main screen) to switch off all audio within the game.

Background Sound On/Off: Select this from the Options menu to switch off the casino background sounds but still hear sounds relating to the game itself.

Animations On/Off: Select this from the Options menu – this is the same as switching on ‘Turbo Mode’.

Colour: Select this from the top of the main screen – this is to change the colour of the table between Red, Blue and Green.

Payouts For The Main Game
Hand Ante bet pays Flop, Turn & River bets all pay
Royal Flush: 1:1 1:1
Straight Flush: 1:1 1:1
4 Of A Kind: 1:1 1:1
Full House: 1:1 1:1
Flush: 1:1 1:1
Straight: 1:1 1:1
3 Of A Kind: Push 1:1
Two Pair: Push 1:1
One Pair: Push 1:1
Nothing: Push 1:1
Payouts For The Bonus Side BetTOP
Hand Description Pays
A-A (Player and Dealer both) 1000:1
A-A (Player only) 30:1
A-K (Suited) 25:1
A-Q or A-J (Suited) 20:1
A – K (Unsuited) 15:1
K-K or Q-Q or J-J: (High Pairs) 10:1
A-Q or A-J (Unsuited) 5:1
10-10 through 2-2 (Low Pairs) 3:1
RTP & House EdgeTOP
RTP House Edge
97.96% 2.04%

These values are for the main game and based on the player playing optimal strategy.

Minimum Stake, Maximum Stake & Maximum Payouts
Currency Minimum Stake (per bet round) Maximum Stake (Ante) Maximum Stake (Bonus Bet) Maximum Total Payout
AUD 0.10 5,000.00 100.00 150,100.00
CAD 0.10 5,000.00 100.00 150,100.00
CHF 0.10 5,000.00 100.00 150,100.00
DKK 1.00 50,000.00 1000.00 1,501,000.00
EUR 0.10 5,000.00 100.00 150,100.00
HKD 1.00 50,000.00 1000.00 1,501,000.00
GBP 0.10 5,000.00 100.00 150,100.00
JPY 10 5,000,000 10000 15,010,000
SGD 0.10 5,000.00 100.00 150,100.00
SEK 1.00 50,000.00 1000.00 1,501,000.00
USD 0.10 5,000.00 100.00 150,100.00

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