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Elvis Multi-Strike Slot
Software: IGT Interactive
Themes: Celebrities, Music, Elvis
Features: 5 Reels, 60 Lines, Bonus Rounds

Play ELVIS MULTI-STRIKE slot online , FREE or for REAL money!

The King of Rock & Roll is now the King of Casino Games! It’s like playing 3 slots in 1 with great features.





Play Elvis Multi-Strike Slot

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Elvis Multi-Strike Slot Introduction

Elvis® Multi-Strike™ is an exciting new type of slot game, featuring the King of Rock and Roll himself. It’s like playing 3 slot games in one, with the chance to multiply your payline wins for truly king-sized awards. There are also 2 fantastic bonus rounds, where the sights and songs of Elvis will thrill you while you win, guaranteeing to leave you all shook up!


How To Bet Elvis Multi-Strike Slot

Elvis Multi-Strike has 60 paylines, with 20 paylines on each set of reels. You can bet 1-5 credits on each payline.

In the LINE BET box, you will see your current bet per line. Click on the left arrow (with a minus sign) to decrease your bet per line by one. Click on the right arrow (with a plus sign) to increase your bet per line by one.

Click the MAX BET button to bet the maximum, which are 5 credits on each payline. If you have fewer than 300 credits, MAX BET will bet all of your remaining credits.

Click the PLAY button to spin the reels.

If you do not want to bet on all 60 paylines, you can use the LINES control to change the number of paylines you are playing. In the LINES box, you will see the current number of paylines you are playing. Click on the left arrow (with a minus sign) to decrease the number of paylines you are playing. Click on the right arrow (with a plus sign) to increase the number of paylines you are playing. Using these controls you can play either 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, or 60 paylines.



Free Ride

The Multi-Strike feature can also be triggered through a FREE RIDE, which is earned with any combination of a total of three Photo Bonus and/or Wild Bonus symbols, in any position on the reels, if the higher level is activated. For example, one Photo Bonus symbol and two Wild Bonus symbols in any position on the reels triggers the FREE RIDE, as does three Wild Bonus symbols.


Scatter Award

A Scatter Award of three times the total level bet, times the level multiplier is awarded for any combination of a total of four Photo Bonus and Wild Bonus symbols, in any position on the reels. For example, two Photo Bonus symbols and two Wild Bonus symbols in any position on the reels awards the Scatter, as does one Photo Bonus symbol and three Wild Bonus symbols.


Rockin’ Respin Feature

If two Photo Memories symbols land on the first two reels of any level, the Rockin’ Respin feature starts. Those reels “lock in” as do any other reels with Wild Rockin’ Respin symbols. The remaining reels are respun.

As long as an additional Wild Rockin’ Respin symbol lands, it will also lock in, and the respin feature continues.

Once a respin occurs without a new Wild Rockin’ Respin symbol landing, the feature is over.


Photo Memories Bonus

Two Photo Memories symbols and three Wild Bonus symbols triggers the Photo Memories Bonus.

In the Photo Memories bonus, pressing the Spin button will start an arrow spinning on a record surrounded by a collection of Elvis photos. The arrow will stop and award a Photo Value, which is based on the total bet on the reel level that triggered the bonus. The photo will be replaced with a Collect symbol after it is put into the photo album at the bottom of the screen.

As the bonus game progresses, additional arrows are added (up to eight!), and the values of the photos increase. However, as photos are collected, more Collect symbols are added to the record, and if an arrow points to a Collect symbol, the bonus is over.


Fan-O-Meter Bonus

Three Fan-O-Meter symbols on any bet line triggers the Fan-O-Meter Bonus.

Pick one of the 5 televisions, each of which lists a different Elvis song. The game will then show you concert footage of Elvis performing that song. During the song, the crowd will go into a celebratory frenzy at different points in the song.

To the left of the televisions, the needle of the Fan-O-Meter will move, indicating how strong the audience response is; the louder the audience cheers, the higher your pay.

If the audience manages to “peg the meter” at its top spot, you will be rewarded with an Encore — another pick of a remaining Elvis song for an additional award! Up to 5 concert clips may be shown.



Clicking the OPTIONS button reveals a panel that allows you to customize the GRAPHICS QUALITY of the game. You may want to adjust the quality of the graphics to get the optimal animation performance on your computer. In BEST mode, the graphics look the best, but performance may suffer. The HIGH (default) and MEDIUM settings lower the quality but increase the performance. In LOW mode, the graphics are degraded, but the smoothest animation performance is achieved even on slower computers.



Malfunction voids all pays and play.

All payline wins occur on bet lines only.

Only highest winner paid on each payline.

Only one award paid per payline.

Coinciding wins on different paylines, and on scatters, are added.

Awards are shown in credits.

The Maximum win on any transaction is capped at 250,000 currency units (Pounds or Euros, for example). A transaction includes the results on all three stages, and all bonus awards won on those stages.


Additional Information

The Game Console provides information and access to additional features:

  • Your current balance in your chosen currency.
  • Your total number of credits.
  • The denomination in which the game is being played. This represents the value of each credit.

The Meter Bar on the bottom of the game screen displays the denomination in which the game is being played, the number of credits paid if a win occurs, and the number of credits bet on the last/current proposition.

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