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There are so many variations of poker in all the online casinos out there. How can you know which one is best suited to your likes and skill level? It’s just a matter of trial and error but if you’re a beginner or a seasoned poker veteran, you’ll love Cyberstud Poker Progressive. It’s a great video casino game because you play against the computer (House) instead of playing against other people. It’s the perfect way to brush up on your poker skills before hitting the land casino so load it up and start playing Cyberstud Poker Progressive.
Cyberstud Poker Progressive: strategy and rules

Before anything happens, you make a mandatory side bet of 1 credit. You also make your “ante” bet, 1 coin of the amount you choose, from 1-100.
Then you get dealt 5 cards and the Dealer gives him or herself a single card, face up. A 52 card shuffled deck is used and is shuffled before each round and there are no Wild cards.
At this point you decide whether to call or fold, solely based on your hand and the Dealer’s single card.
If you fold then your ante wager goes to the dealer and the game is over.
If you are confident enough to continue playing, you make a second bet and the Dealer gets 4 more cards to make a full hand.
If your hand beats the Dealer’s – the Dealer must have at least an Ace-King combo to qualify – you win! If the Dealer does not end up having an Ace and King, you get your wager back plus double your ante bet.
If you play and win, you’ll get double your ante bet plus the payout according to the pay table.
But what about the side bet? That goes into a special pool and is won only when you get a Royal Flush. It’s pretty hard to get, but it does happen so remember that progressive jackpot every time you make that side bet!

You may have been reading and thinking – wait a minute, this game kind of sounds like Blackjack! And that is true, the concept of playing only against the House and deciding to bet once you’ve seen a few cards definitely has a Blackjack element to it. That’s part of what makes Cyberstud Poker Progressive such a great game, Blackjack enthusiasts and Poker fanatics will find elements of the game that feel familiar. If you love Poker and have been thinking about getting into Blackjack or vice versa, Cyberstud Poker Progressive is a great place to start. You’ll really learn about the various Poker hands as well as be able to try out different betting strategies people use when playing against the House.

Besides all that, you get realistic graphics that make you feel like you’re actually sitting at a Poker table at a land casino with colours that pop and a simple layout that makes it easy to keep track of the action. You’ll be able to pull up stats and help info throughout the game too so there’s really no reason not to play Cyberstud Poker Progressive!

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