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Cash bang Wallop is a honeycomb style slot with a fireworks theme. This game does not have any win lines and instead pays out based on groups of symbols being next to each other. This creates a very large variety of wins (over 100,000 possible ways to win!).

The game features different firework symbols which change other symbols to wilds when the firework is lit. After forming a win these symbols are then replaced with new symbols and can form wins again. The game also has a Free Spins bonus where fireworks keep getting lit and you can get a sequence of several fireworks and wins one after the other!


Step 1: Getting Started

Step 2: How To Play

Wild Symbol


Fireworks Bonus

Auto Play

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Minimum Stake, Maximum Stake & Maximum Payouts

Step 1: Getting StartedBack to Top

Press the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to choose a total stake.
The total amount you are staking will be shown in the Change Stake box.
This game does not have any win lines and instead payouts are based on groups of symbols.
Click on the ‘PAYTABLE’ button to view the paytable, which shows the potential winnings for getting different numbers of each symbol.

Step 2: How To PlayBack to Top

Press ‘SPIN’ to start the game.
The reels will spin and eventually stop at random. (You can press SPIN again to speed up the reels and animations so they finish a bit sooner).
Winnings are paid out based on the groups that the symbols form – having 4 or more of the same symbol in a group of touching symbols produces a win.
All wins are based on the total stake multiplied by the payout for that group of symbols.
The symbols that form the group will be highlighted and the win details shown at the bottom.
It is possible to have more than 1 winning group in a go.
If there are 3 freespin bonus symbols on the reel then the freespin bonus will be triggered (This is started after winnings for any groups have been calculated and paid out).

Wild SymbolBack to Top

Wild symbols can substitute for any other normal symbol to help form wins.
Wild symbols cannot substitute for Free Spin scatter symbols.
When there is more than one symbol that the wild could substitute for to make a win then it will be used for the win that makes the highest payout. If two different groups make the same payout then it will be used for the symbol that is higher up the pay table.

FireworksBack to Top

Several of the reel symbols are fireworks.
After each spin where there is at least 1 firework symbol on the reels then there is a chance that the “Sparky McFlame” character will ignite one of those fireworks.
When a firework ignites it will turn surrounding symbols to Wilds (which symbols are changed depends on the type of firework).
These wilds will then be used to form a win group and the winnings for that group will be paid out.
All symbols that were part of that win (wilds and the normal symbols) will then be removed and replaced with new symbols.
“Sparky McFlame” could then possibly light another firework and the process repeats.
After “Sparky McFlame” has disappeared (or if didn’t appear at all) then any winning groups that are on the end reels are paid out.

Fireworks BonusBack to Top

The Free spins are activated by getting 3 of the Firework box scatter symbols. There are Scatter symbols on Reel 1, Reel 3 and Reel 5.
In the Firework Bonus there will be an initial spin and then a crate containing 5 fireworks will be shown and these fireworks added to random positions on the reels.
“Sparky McFlame” will light a firework at random every time there is one on the reels.
After each firework has been set off it will turn symbols to wild and these will help form a win. That win will then be paid out and all symbols that were part of the win will be removed and replaced with new symbols.
If there are still any fireworks on the reels then one of those will be lit and the process will continue.
After every 5 fireworks have been lit then an additional crate will be awarded, containing another 5 fireworks which are added to the reels.
There are 5 crates of fireworks (including initial one at start) and each crate will have increasingly more powerful fireworks in them.
If you reach the end of the trail by getting 25 fireworks lit then you will be awarded a Repeat Chance.
This will award either a Yes or a No. If it is Yes then the Bonus will start again so you can get even more winnings added to the total. If it stops on No then the bonus will end.
The bonus will also end if there are no more fireworks to light.

Auto PlayBack to Top

By selecting ‘AUTO PLAYS’ on the main game you can choose to place up to 99 bets automatically, one after the other. Alternatively you can choose to select “UNTIL BONUS” and then Auto Play will continue until the Fireworks Bonus round is triggered. Select your stake as normal then press the ‘AUTO PLAYS’ button to select the number of ‘Auto Play’ bets you want before clicking the ‘SPIN’ button.
Auto Play will turn off if you get into the Fireworks bonus or do not have enough funds for the next bet.
You can stop Auto Play from continuing onto the next spin by clicking the ‘STOP’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Other FeaturesBack to Top

BETTING HISTORY: Select this from the OPTIONS menu to display a log of the previous games in the current session showing your bets placed and the outcomes.

BACKGROUND SOUND ON/OFF: Select this from the OPTIONS menu to switch on/off the background sound within the game.

SOUND ON/OFF: Select this from the OPTIONS menu to switch on/off all audio within the game. You can also press the ‘MUTE’ button at the top of the screen.

HELP: Select this from top of the screen (or select “HOW TO PLAY THE GAME” from the OPTIONS menu) to open this help page.

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