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A Vegas game involving placing an ante bet at the start of the game and an optional side bet on the game being a tie. You and the dealer are then dealt one card each and whoever has the highest card is the winner. The game uses six decks of 52 cards, shuffled at the start of each game.

If you and the dealer have the same value card, you are given the option to either go to challenge (continue) or surrender (fold). If you placed a side bet on the tie, the tie bet is paid out whether you challenge or not.


Getting started
Placing your bets
Going to war
Other features

Getting startedTOP

First you need to cash in to buy your chips for the game.
Choose your stake from the selection of chips at the bottom left of the screen.
To place your chip(s) on the table, click in the square ANTE bet area and, if you wish to place a side bet on the tie, place your chip(s) for that bet in the TIE bet circle.
The tie bet is optional, but you must place an ante bet to play the game.
A chip will be placed in each bet area that you click every time you click on any bet area.

Placing your betsTOP

You may place as many chips as you like on each bet area (ANTE and TIE), provided that you will still have enough chips remaining to place a Challenge bet during the game, and provided that you do not exceed the maximum stake, which is £20,000 for the ANTE and £2,000 for the TIE (the minimum stake is 10p).
You may choose different stakes for each of your bets – just select a new chip value or place multiple chips on each bet area.
The total amount you have staked will be shown in the ‘Total Stake’ box at the bottom right of the screen.
If you press the ‘Double Bet’ button, the total bets you have placed so far on ANTE and TIE will be doubled.
Press ‘Undo’ to undo your last action – so if you have removed a chip from the table, ‘Undo’ will replace it, or if you have just pressed ‘Double Bet’ then ‘Undo’ will remove those chips you just added.
If you change your mind and want to start again, press ‘Clear All Bets’ to remove all chips from the table.
Once you are happy with your bets, press ‘Deal’ to play the game. Once you have pressed ‘Deal’, you cannot cancel your bets.

Turbo BetTOP

Switch on ‘Turbo Bet’ before you press ‘Deal’ if you want the cards dealt to be displayed instantly without viewing the animation of the cards being dealt from the shoe.


Once you press ‘Deal’, one card each will be dealt to you and one to the dealer. Both cards will be dealt face up.
Whoever has the highest value card is the winner. If the cards are the same value, then the game is a tie.
If the game is a tie, you will be given the option to Challenge or Surrender (ie, fold).
If you placed a TIE bet at the start of the game, your tie bet will be paid out at the end of the game, regardless of whether you Surrender or Challenge. If you Challenge, your winnings on the tie bet will be paid out at the end of the game along with any other winnings you might get if your second card wins.
If you choose ‘Surrender’, you will get half of your ante bet back and the game will end.
If you choose ‘Challenge’ then a stake equal to your ANTE is automatically placed on the Challenge bet area and deducted from your chip balance, then the next 3 cards will be discarded before you and the Dealer are each dealt a second card.
Whoever has the highest value card wins the game.
If the second card is also a Tie, then you win the Challenge, and you will be paid out on the Challenge bet. The first tied hand is a push, so your original stake is returned to you.

Other featuresTOP

Betting History: Select this from the Options menu to display details of the previous games in the current session, showing your bets placed and the outcomes.

Animation off: Select this from the Options menu – this is the same as switching on ‘Turbo Mode’.

Mute: Select this from the Options menu (or use the Mute button on the main screen) to switch off all audio within the game.

Ambient Sound Off: Select this from the Options menu to switch off the casino background sounds but still hear sounds relating to the game itself.

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