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Baccarat is a popular casino game where the player can bet on which hand will have the highest score, the Player’s hand, the Banker’s hand or they will Tie. Hands are scored from 0 to 9 with 9 being the best. There are also 9 additional bet options available in this version of the game. The game uses 8 decks of 52 cards, shuffled at the start of each game.

Step 1: Getting Started
Step 2: Placing Your Bets
The Deal
Other Features
Minimum Stake, Maximum Stake & Maximum Payouts

Step 1: Getting StartedTOP

First you need to cash in to buy your chips for the game.
Choose your stake from the selection of chips at the bottom left of the screen.
To place your chip(s) on the table in the bet area for the bet you want to place.
You must place at least one bet to play but the bets are all optional – you can select anyone of them and select more than one bet or even all the bets if you wish.
A chip will be placed in each bet area that you click every time you click on any bet area.

Step 2: Placing Your BetsTOP

You may place as many chips as you like on each bet area, provided that you do not exceed the maximum stake for that type of bet or the maximum total potential payout (See table at end).
You may choose different stakes for each of your bets – just select a new chip value or place multiple chips on each bet area.
To remove a chip hold the “Shift” key on your keyboard and then select the bet you want to remove chips from. The amount removed will be the value of the chip selected in the bottom left of the screen.
The total amount you have staked will be shown in the ‘Total Stake’ box at the bottom right of the screen.
Press ‘Undo’ to undo your last action – so if you have removed a chip from the table, ‘Undo’ will replace it, or if you have just pressed ‘Double Bet’ then ‘Undo’ will remove those chips you just added.
If you change your mind and want to start again, press ‘Clear All Bets’ to remove all chips from the table.
Once you are happy with your bets, press ‘Deal’ to play the game. Once you have pressed ‘Deal’, you cannot cancel your bets.

Turbo Bet

Switch on ‘Turbo Bet’ before you press ‘Deal’ if you want the cards dealt to be displayed instantly without viewing the animation of the cards being dealt from the shoe.

Step 3: The DealTOP

Once you press ‘Deal’, two cards will be dealt to you and to the Banker. Both cards will be dealt face up.
The cards are given scores based on these points:
Ace =1
2-9 = face value
10 and picture cards = 0 points
The points for the two cards are then added together and shown. Only the last digit in the result is used for scoring – so a 7 and 3 added together would be 0 (not 10), this means all scores will always be between 0 and 9.
Depending on the scores and the rules below, the Banker and/or Player could then be dealt a third card which is added to the score for their hand.
The two scores are then compared and the highest wins (where 9 is the highest possible and 0 the lowest). The winnings are then paid accordingly if the player had bet on the correct result.
The side bets are also paid out accordingly (if the cards appeared in the chosen players hand).
All winning amounts are rounded down to the nearest penny.

When a 3rd card is drawn

Whether or not a third card should be given to the player or banker is decided by these rules (with the first one being the most important):

If either the player or banker had a score of 8 or 9 with the first two cards then the game ends and no other cards are dealt.
If the player’s score is less than 6 then they get a third card.
If the player has 6 or more then the banker gets a third card if their score is less than 6.
If the player got a third card then the banker getting a third card is decided by these rules:
If banker’s score is less than 3 then always draw a 3rd card.
If banker’s score is 3 then draw a new card unless player’s 3rd card was an 8.
If banker’s score is 4 then draw card if player’s card was worth between 2-7 inclusive.
If banker’s score is 5 then draw card if player’s 3rd card was 4,5,6 or 7.
If banker’s score is 6 then draw card if player’s 3rd card was 6 or 7.
If bankers score is 7 or more then don’t draw a 3rd card.

Other FeaturesTOP

Betting History: Select this from the Options menu to display details of the previous games in the current session, showing your bets placed and the outcomes.

Animation on/off: Select this from the Options menu to toggle this setting- this is the same as switching off/on ‘Turbo Mode’.

Mute: Select “Sound off” or “Sound on” from the Options menu (or use the Mute button on the main screen) to switch off all audio within the game.

Background Sound On/off: Select this from the Options menu to switch off the casino background sounds but still hear sounds relating to the game itself.
Minimum Stake, Maximum Stake & Maximum PayoutTOP
Currency Minimum Stake Max Stake on Player / Banker Bet Max Stake on Tie Bet/ Side bets Maximum Payout
AUD 1 25,000 10,000 150,000
CAD 1 25,000 10,000 150,000
CHF 1 25,000 10,000 150,000
DKK 10 250,000 100,000 1,500,000
EUR 1 25,000 10,000 150,000
HKD 10 250,000 100,000 1,500,000
GBP 1 25,000 10,000 150,000
JPY 100 2,500,000 1,000,000 15,000,000
SGD 1 25,000 10,000 150,000
SEK 10 250,000 100,000 1,500,000
USD 1 25,000 10,000 150,000


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